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Cut-2 Fit is a UK brand of men's Underwear and Swimwear that is individually cut and shaped to fit each client’s own measurements.
The idea and concept behind our designs comes from the fact just like women we are all different shapes and sizes, but do not have the choice of being able to choose a cup size to give us the support, uplift, and comfort to enhance your profile.

With the specialized cutting and shaping used in the construction of all our designs you will find the perfect fit and shaping in our contoured pouches for the support needed to give a strong defined profile.

Being a client with Cut-2-Fit you will have a choice colours, prints and fabrics from any of our design on the website and can create any type of style you are looking for just contact our design dept with your ideas.

By being able to create a custom design this also means that amputee and wheelchair users also have the ability and choice of wearing designer Swimwear and Underwear that caters for their individual needs