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Lingerie for Men

With more men experiencing the sensual feel of lightweight micro fabrics against their skin
They are now looking for masculine designs in fine fabrics like lace satin and chiffon.

The cut-2-fit range of lingerie is exclusively designed and created to fit the male torso.
With this stylish and provocative apparel each design is individually cut and shaped to the clients own body measurements giving you smooth lines and well fitting apparel but still showing your masculinity.

With the contoured front seam in our panties and g string designs being shaped to the male form this will give the wearer the comfort and support and the luxury of lace, satin or chiffon against your skin.


For the more daring they can be worn at the office or a night out with the boys only you will know.

The Cut-2-Fit range covers all feminine lingerie cut and shaped to fit the male torso.

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