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About Us

I started as a Costume Designer and have worked for the Royal Ballet, BBC, and ITV on many of there productions.
One off the biggest problems was always finding the right cut and shaping in underwear and swimwear for the male artists so I would end up designing and making these items.
The cut-2- fit range was first created whilst at the Royal Ballet many of the male dancers had problems with the fit and shaping of their dance belts and was asked to make personalized dance belts for them.
The concept behind the Cut-2-Fit range comes from the fact that we are all different shapes and sizes, but we don’t have the choice of different pouch sizes, unlike women who have an option when buying their underwear by getting the right cup size to fit their breasts.
The only difference is our assets are normally hidden but we still need the comfort and support to protect the crown jewels with the Cut-2-Fit brand each design is cut to your measurements allowing us to increase or decrease the shaping needed in the pouch area to accommodate your manhood to give you a perfect fit.
With my knowledge of pattern cutting and myself being an amputee the Cut-2-Fit range can cater for the special requirements needed by amputees and wheelchair bound clients
Our company is based in the UK the same has all our suppliers giving you the best quality that is expected in fabrics and trims and we are happy to design or source any type of fabrics our clients are looking for.
The turn around from a client ordering their items to receiving their order is 8 days for orders being placed in the UK, orders outside of the UK will depend on shipping times.