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After becoming an above knee amputee one of my biggest hates was now finding that the underwear I used to wear was not really wearable anymore because of time spent in my wheelchair the briefs would end up sliding half way down my backside.

And the other problem would be when getting ready to wear my leg I would first have to wear my Juzo  (compression sock) that had it's own elasticated waistband with a Velcro fastening that would end up cutting into my waist, then my underwear, and then the wide waistband to help keep my prosthetic leg in position.

This always made me feel like a trussed up chicken, when walking you had each of these layers doing there own thing.

This is why I came up with our design of a compression sock which is cut and shaped into the design of the briefs this would be getting rid of one layer which made it more comfortable when walking, and on the days when I could not wear my leg it helped to keep my stump from swelling and stopped the briefs sliding down my backside. 

All the designs in the Cut-2-Fit range for underwear and swimwear can be adapted and made to the amputees own measurements which includes a built in compression sock made from perform muscular compression Lycra 80% Polyamide 20% Lycra.

If the built in compression sock is not right for you we can also make you our design of compression sock in any plain colour or pattern just take a look at our swimwear fabric and see some of the choices.

Just because we have lost a limb it should not stop us from being stylish in our underwear or swimwear.